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PowerShell AutoScript

This PowerShell Add-On is to easily create and run PSH scripts in different scenarios for IT Pros through UI in Powershell ISE.

Plan to include WMI autoscript, AZure query and deployment scenarios.

To use it:

1. Download the code, save it to your script folder, such as F:Powershell\autoload
2. Open Powershell ISE
3. Run "psedit $profile" to open Microsoft.PowerShellISEprofile.ps1

if (!(test-path $profile )) 
{new-item -type file -path $profile -force} 
psedit $profile
Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned

4. Append below short script into the Microsoft.PowerShellISEprofile.ps1, this can auto load scripts from a source folder when ISE starts:

 Set-ExecutionPolicy bypass -Scope CurrentUser
 Get-ChildItem "${autodir}\*.ps1" | ForEach-Object {.$_} 
 $output = "Scripts in " + $autodir  + " loaded"
 Write-Host $output

5. Restart ISE. You will see the new submenu AZure, WMI AutoScript when click Add-Ons.


6. Run one of them, a friendly UI wizard will help you generate code automatically.


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